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Upper Austria - A Strong Business Location

Upper Austria is the nation’s most dynamic economic region and leads the way with its exports and industrial output. Due to the favourable geographical position, excellent infrastructure and high quality of both life and leisure, Upper Austria is attractive to specialists and companies.

Around a quarter of Austrian industrial production and exports derive from Upper Austria, which makes it the leader among the nine federal states.

Austria’s leading industrial region is characterized by high levels of dynamism and economic stability. The powerful employment growth and low levels of unemployment are the result of the competitive strengths of the region and its companies.

Compared internationally, Upper Austria's favorable economic and labor market ratings derive from a number of factors, of which the following are the most important:

  • High levels of employee qualifications and motivation
  • An economic structure with a healthy blend of branches and company dimensions with a wealth of innovative and flexible companies, which are thus highly competitive
  • Corporate strengths with regard to innovation and flexibility

Many of these companies have focused on market niches and are among Europe’s leaders with regard to market share and technology.