Housing in Upper Austria

To find a home and all the necessary steps to get settled have a look at the following points.

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Homes are mainly sought online through sites such as:

Estate agents help with targeted searches for property and have a good overview of the market. They guide the client from completion of the contract to the hand-over of the keys. It is important to note that agents receive a commission, which is dependent on the length of rental with a maximum of two months’ worth of gross rent plus sales taxes.

The Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer) provides a commission calculator: arbeiterkammer.at

A list of all estate agents in Upper Austria can be found at firmen.wko.at

Accommodation in Austria is typically unfurnished. In exceptional cases, a kitchen can be bought from the previous owners. Sanitary appliances like a bath, shower and toilets are usually present. However, depending on the previous tenant or owner, the accommodation may still be offered furnished or partly furnished.

One-time payments

A deposit payment to the landlord of between three and six months’ gross rent is normal and serves as security for any damage caused by the tenant or missed payments.

After the rental contract has ended and the accommodation has been returned in a fit state, the deposit should be returned within a reasonable period (approx. two weeks).

Additionally, there is a charge for the rental contract (known as ‘Finanzamtgebühr’) payable to the local internal revenue office. This is approximately 1 % of the gross rent over the contract lifetime (max. 3 years).

Monthly costs for rental and lease purchase properties

The overall costs (monthly fixed costs) consist of the net rent plus service charges. The net rent is the cost of the accommodation (‘cold’), and service charges include public services like water, sewage, garbage collection, possible management charges and further heating costs. The latter is dependent on use and is calculated quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

 Additionally, the following costs are payable:

  • Electricity
  • Household insurance
  • Parking
  • Telephone and internet
  • Television and radio charges

All of the important rental terms are defined and regulated in the rental contract. Additional agreements, arrangements or declarations should be made in writing. Rental contracts have a minimum Duration of 3 years, whereby a shorter duration is not permitted due to rental legislation. After the first year, the rental agreement can be ended with a three month notice period. Special agreements can also be made regarding ending of the contract. Rental contracts found on the internet are usually inadequate, as they must be adjusted to suit the property.

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