Austrian Culture Day 01

Netzwerk Humanressourcen

Linz City Centre / Language: English

09:00 - 17:00

Evelyn Hetzinger
T: +43 (732) 79810-5198

Familiarisation and Orientation Day for Expats 

Strange manners, funny greetings and mysterious expressions. 

Why is there a special tree in May in most of our town centres, or the Krampus in December? Do all Austrians eat at 12 o´clock and why is everything closed on a Sunday? Did you know you shouldn´t cut your grass on Sunday?

 "Krapfen, Krampus to Maibaum kraxeln" 

To help you and your family settle our Austrian Culture Day offers internationals and their families a perfect opportunity to get together to make some contacts, this event is often the first step to building friendships.

That day will be a relaxed get together for our international professionals and Expat families in Upper Austria. We would like to introduce you to some Austrian traditions or customs which you won´t find in your usual guide. You would get the chance to see the city of Linz like a local, ask questions about your life here and taste some typical „Austrian fast food“.

Further dates in 2019
• 28.06.2019
• 27.09.2019
• 29.11.2019

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Spouses/Partner can join the Austrian Culture Day for free, to be able to plan the day the best possible way, we would need to know if your spouse or partner will join when you sign up for the event. Just people who have signed up can join the event. 

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