W2UA "Taxes in Austria" Information Evening

Netzwerk Humanressourcen

Raml und Partner Steuerberatung GmbH; Museumstraße 31a
4020 Linz

18:00 - 20:00


Raml und Partner and Welcome2Upper Austria will host an information evening about taxes in Austria.

Join us at the office of Raml und Partner for this informative evening.

“Working in Austria usually means paying taxes in Austria. If you are employed with an Austrian company (and have no other income), your employer has to deduct taxes and social security contributions, so that no further action from you is required.
Unless you are eligible for a tax refund. Especially in the first year in Austria (and in the year you move away from Austria) can be a substantial tax advantage, if you file a tax return."

If you have other income, you can be obliged to file a return, Raml und Partner will inform you and about these topics and will try to answer all the questions you might have in this matter.




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