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Kappa Filter Systems
Job offer:
Softwareengineer Environmental Technology
Mechanical Engineering, Plant Engineering
Language requirements:
Language Level
English C1 - Advanced
German A2 - Elementary
Job description:
Your work sets new impulses in environmental technology and is your contribution to health and climate
protection. As a C#-Developer, you are THE central allrounder the .NET environment. You accompany the
entire software development life cycle. At the beginning you create a requirements profile for the
architectural design based on internal and external feedback. The ongoing evaluation of new technologies
and their assessment form the basis for your developments. That leads to a very agile development
environment in which you use different technologies (.NET, C#, Azure, MS SQL, ASP.NET (Core), Entity
Framework, WPF or Xamarin Forms). Whether backend or frontend development, there are no limits to your
creativity or your involvement. As a result, your identification with your product is strong and for sure you are
present when it comes to the implementation in our filter systems. The directly gained feedback is worked in
from you in a next step. In the end you will be able to see your end result at the customer's site and feel the
positive output of your development on people and the environment.

You are not only working through individual programming orders, but you will also rather be an overall
designer of our IoT-landscape for our services and products. At the end of the day, you haven't written just
any program, you can also see your achievement physically. Planning, conception, development and
implementation - all in the name of a clean environment